At Mahi we believe that skin is born to be sensitive.

Our skin is under pressure every day; be it stress or air conditioning, changing weather or pollution. The fact is – all skin is sensitive, in the sense that all skin has a relationship with the world around us; it let’s us know when things are going right, and when they’re not. So there we have it. Sensitive skin is not a skin type, restricted to a few people; it’s just how skin is – all skin.

Mahi says no to harsh, artificial perfumes and colours that can upset your skin. Instead, we use only our purest possible, skin-loving ingredients, so you can trust all our products to be kind to sensitive skin.

At Mahi, we believe that skincare should be straightforward.

We don’t believe in strange ingredients, confusing claims, unnecessary packaging or complicated routines. We don’t want to overcomplicate things – we believe good skincare should fit around you. After all, there’s more to life than the bathroom mirror.



You’ll be feeling positive and looking ahead to renewed feelings of self-confidence.

When you make a decision to go ahead with a treatment or procedure you’ll be feeling positive and looking ahead to renewed feelings of self-confidence.

You may also feel a little apprehensive.

We will always ensure that you feel fully supported before, during and after your treatment, whether that’s more information to take away, a phone call from your clinic manager or practitioner or simply time to think about whether you want to have a further treatment.

We will also fully equip you with any products you would like and information to maintain your results at home.

Your time at the clinic is only the beginning of discovering better skin: we do everything we can to make sure it continues long afterwards.